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Anne Ackermann ( @anneackermann_) is a documentary photographer and photojournalist based in Germany. Our days are spent at home. On most mornings sunbeams falls through the windows bathing a tiny spot of the world in their beautiful light. It’s in this light full of contrast and drama that I take photographs of the daily lives of my kids, a big life, in a small space.

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New work up
anne ackermann
Jun 23, 2020
Like many of us I have turned my lens to familiar things seeing them with new eyes in these new times that we are seeing, with travels restricted and people mostly staying at home.

In the meantime I have finished chapter 2, Garden Days, so you can check out both the new and older work here.

Some of images are shown on @wpthejournal, a Women Photograph initiative, that you should instantly check out on instagram!

Anne Ackermann

Anne Ackermann is an award-winning German documentary photographer currently based in Germany available worldwide.
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