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Ugandan youth athletes for ZEIT Leo
anne ackermann
Jul 14, 2020

In January I met young athlete Andrew in Kampala and spent some time with him and his team. It was amazing to see how sport is a driving force for team spirit and having dreams & goals and working towards them with ambition and perseverance despite everything else that might go on in ones life, including problems and hardship.

By the time the magazine edition of ZEIT Leo with his story inside landed in my post box the world was not the same anymore. Much less for Andrew and his friends in Kampala. Uganda has undergone a heavy lockdown that left many people unable to go on with their work leaving them without any income.

It is having this in mind that I am sharing here the Just Giving handle of the Organisation CYEN, that supports Andrew’s sports education and schooling. They have adjusted their program to delivering emergency assistance to support the families of their young students. If you can help it’s very much appreciated:

Anne Ackermann

Anne Ackermann is an award-winning German documentary photographer currently based in Germany available worldwide.
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